I’m currently enrolled in a MS in Human Environmental Sciences with an area of focus in Interactive Technology at the University of Alabama. Since it is a distance program, I am able to take courses at my own pace and use my personal website for course projects. Below is a list of courses for the program.


CSM564 – Consumer Sciences – Digital Tools (Spring 2019)
How Uber and HBO are Designing Experiences for the Future (Powerpoint)
Digital Citizenship (Discussion Paper)

CSM576 – Consumer Sciences – Collaboration Tools for Project Management (Summer 2019)
Private Social Network Tools Comparison (Google Spreadsheet)
Project Plan in PBWorks (Web Project)

CSM562 – Consumer Sciences – Cognition Strategy and Technology (Summer 2019)
Artificial Intelligence and Making Decisions in Healthcare (Research Paper)
Connectivism and Knowledge Sharing with Cave Diving (Research Paper)

CSM566- Consumer Sciences – Multimedia Design Development (Fall 2019)
Bama Divers Website Storyboard (Powerpoint)
Bama Divers Project Plan (Trello Project)

HES509- Human Environmental Sciences – Research Methods (Fall 2019)
Literature Review (Research Paper)
Purpose Statement (Research Topic)