I’m currently enrolled in a MS in Human Environmental Sciences with an area of focus in Interactive Technology at the University of Alabama. Since it is a distance program, I am able to take courses at my own pace and use my personal website for course projects. Below is a list of courses for the program.


CSM564 – Consumer Sciences – Digital Tools (Spring 2019)
How Uber and HBO are Designing Experiences for the Future (Powerpoint)
Digital Citizenship (Discussion Paper)

CSM576 – Consumer Sciences – Collaboration Tools for Project Management (Summer 2019)
Private Social Network Tools Comparison (Google Spreadsheet)
Project Plan in PBWorks (Web Project)

CSM562 – Consumer Sciences – Cognition Strategy and Technology (Summer 2019)
Artificial Intelligence and Making Decisions in Healthcare (Research Paper)
Connectivism and Knowledge Sharing with Cave Diving (Research Paper)

CSM566- Consumer Sciences – Multimedia Design Development (Fall 2019)
Bama Divers Website Storyboard (Powerpoint)
Bama Divers Project Plan (Trello Project)

HES509- Human Environmental Sciences – Research Methods (Fall 2019)
Literature Review (Research Paper)
Purpose Statement (Research Topic)


CSM570- Consumer Sciences – Coordination and Delivery of Information Using Digital Technologies (Spring 2020)
Interactive Training Project Proposal (Google Doc)
Teaching Scuba with VR (Powerpoint)
Teaching Scuba with VR (Video)
Final Website for Project

CSM582- Consumer Sciences – Non-thesis Research (Spring 2020)
Research Plan (Research Paper)
Virtual Reality and Teaching Scuba – Literature Review (Research Paper)